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Photo of K Goode on skis

Statistician seeks to understand climate change through variable relationships

Climate change is a confusing maze of inputs and outputs. Katherine Goode spends her days trying make the variable chaos behave. Katherine is a…
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An abstract 3D render of a light blue circuit board, with many electrical components installed. Components are labelled with made-up serial numbers and placed on a white grid, with white circuit lines running among them.

New project explores experimental transistor and its potential to improve the energy efficiency of general-purpose computing

Tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) are an experimental type of transistor, small components on computer chips that control the flow of current and are the…
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A researcher leans over a grid array that is covered in frost.

Liquid hydrogen spill tests will inform safety standards’ technical basis

Sandia is helping to enable assessment of large-scale leak scenarios to improve the safety of hydrogen infrastructure by developing a science-based, defensible, and well-documented…
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