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Early career researcher Kelsey DiPietro

Hruby Fellow tackles big problems in climate by focusing on smallest details

Kelsey DiPietro is accelerating research through her work in computer models. In the world of multigigabit high-speed internet, pre-ordered fast food and Twitter pitch…
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Chemist Krupa Ramasesha

Chemist honored for ‘major impacts’ in physical chemistry

Chemist Krupa Ramasesha has received a competitive award for her major contributions to the field of physical chemistry, in only her seventh year at…
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BEHIND THE METER — Sandia researchers make the case that energy storage could be an important tool in policymaking to achieve both energy equity and climate security goals. Photo by Jon Moore from Unsplash

Sandia researchers connect the dots between energy equity and energy storage

Energy storage technologies, particularly those with longer duration capabilities, are not only critical for implementing widespread use of renewable energies but also ensure governments…
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