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Graphic showing segmentation possibilities

Sandia 3D-imaging workflow has benefits for medicine, electric cars and nuclear deterrence

New computer simulation method can equip engineers, doctors with more, better information Sandia National Laboratories researchers have created a…
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From left to right: CEO of Rocking Solar, Darin Palmer; Sandia PV Researcher, Laurie Burnham; Student, Joseph Coston; PV Technologist, Doug Robb; Sandia PV Researcher, Dan Riley; and PV Technologist, William Snyder.

Sandia scientists provide technical assistance to Rocking Solar, an American Solar Prize Finalist with a product that could transform the urban landscape

Sandia National Laboratories’ researchers recently hosted Darin Palmer, CEO of Rocking Solar, for a demonstration of his potentially game-changing…
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Sandia uncovers hidden factors that affect solar farms during severe weather

Machine learning found farm age, cloud cover impact performance during a storm Sandia National Laboratories researchers combined large sets…
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