Renewable Energy

Research that advances renewable energy technologies

Sandia National Laboratories has performed advanced research in renewable energy since the 1970s. The more than 100 researchers in our program:

  • Reduce the cost,
  • Improve the resilience and reliability, and
  • Decrease the regulatory burden of renewable energy.

Our research builds on many of Sandia’s core strengths including high-fidelity modeling; materials development, analysis, and testing; advanced controls systems; high-temperature systems; cyber security; verification and validation/uncertainty quantification; and performance testing and reliability. Using these strengths, our research has made major contributions to the nation’s energy security and resilience, economic viability, and environmental sustainability. We are helping the nation tackle climate change by making the decarbonization of the power sector achievable.

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Two researchers unfurl a blueprint from the concentrating solar power archives; the national solar thermal test facility is prominent in the background
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Sandia National Laboratories’ renewable energy programs partner with large and small businesses, universities, and government agencies. With multiple agreement types to select from, partners can access world-class science, engineering, experts, and infrastructure. Learn more about working with us.

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