Sandia Interactive Wave Energy Education Display (SIWEED)

/////Sandia Interactive Wave Energy Education Display (SIWEED)
Sandia Interactive Wave Energy Education Display (SIWEED) 2020-09-10T21:56:31+00:00


Objectives: To provide an accessible means for a wide ranging audience to learn about wave energy

  • “What is a wave energy converter (WEC)?”
  • “How do different waves travel?”
  • “How does the power generated change in different waves?”
  • “How do different WEC controller tunings change the power generated?”




Early rendering of the mock city to be lit by the WEC.


Project Overview:

  • The user will control and change wave dimensions and see the power output by the WEC
  • Graphic user interface (GUI) to control:
    • Wave input
    • WEC control tuning
  • A small mock city will light up based on the amount of energy received by the WEC




Summer interns Francisco Colorbio, Delaney Heileman and John Quinlan celebrate the end of a successful project.

Key Features:

  • Interactive & hands on
  • Modular
  • Portable
  • Student led project
  • International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) 2021: April 28-30
  • CHOW (Capitol Hill Ocean Week): June 2021




System Details:

Graphic illustrating the SIWEED system.


  • ¾ inch acrylic tank
  • 5m x 0.3m x 0.5m
  • 3D printed town and plunger
  • Screw drive train
  • Simulink real-time code
  • Interactive graphic user interface
  • Light up beach town
  • Real time wave data display