Women @ Energy blog features Sandia director

March 7, 2022 8:49 am Published by

Amy Halloran featured on DOE STEM Rising website

Amy Halloran became the director of nuclear fuel cycle and grid modernization for Sandia in 2021. Her team works in diverse areas of research, from ensuring the electric grid can handle renewable energy sources to enhancing the safety of nuclear energy to advancing the science of nuclear waste management. She was previously the senior manager for Sandia’s work in renewable energy and led research programs in wind energy, solar energy, water power, geothermal energy and the water and energy nexus.

Amy’s Sandia career started in 2011 when she was hired to be the manager of the Geophysics and Atmospheric Science Department. Her team worked in the areas of nuclear threat detection, climate measurement and oil and gas extraction. She also oversaw Sandia’s work on the North Slope of Alaska for DOE’s climate program. Prior to her work at the Labs, Amy worked as an environmental engineer in the areas of contaminated soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, industrial waste treatment and energy efficiency. Amy has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Illinois.

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