PV News

  • 2024 High Latitude Photovoltaics Workshop advances northern PV collaboration
    The inaugural 2024 High Latitude Photovoltaics Workshop took place at 65° latitude in Piteå, Sweden, on March 14-15, 2024, to exchange ideas around the unique opportunities and challenges of deploying solar photovoltaic technology in high-latitude regions. The successful workshop was the culmination of years of work by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and their partners,… View Article
  • 2024 European PVPMC Workshop announces call for abstracts
    Sandia National Laboratories’ PV Performance and Modelling Collaborative has released a call for abstracts for the 2024 European PVPMC Workshop. The Technical University of Denmark, European Energy, and Sandia will host the event taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug. 21-22, 2024.  Workshop organizers are currently inviting session abstracts on the following topics: •           Modeling of… View Article
  • Registration now open for the 2024 PVPMC Workshop
    The 2024 PV Performance Modeling Collaborative Workshop will take place May 7–9, 2024, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Registration is now open.   The popular workshop addresses the current state of photovoltaic system models, works to develop a path forward for establishing best practices on PV system performance modeling and sets the stage for standardization of testing… View Article
  • Sandia photovoltaics degradation study receives nationwide airtime
    Sandia National Laboratories researcher Marios Theristis recently spoke to Yale Climate Connections regarding the release of his team’s five-year degradation study of 834 fielded photovoltaic (PV) modules, representing 13 module types from seven manufacturers in three climates. The researchers’ objective was to quantify degradation rates of recent, widely used PV technologies and release results publicly… View Article
  • Rocks may hold key to storing intermittent renewable energy, expanding its use
    Sandia National Laboratories is collaborating with New Mexico-based CSolPower LLC to develop an affordable method of storing energy from renewable sources. The primary goal of the partnership is to transition to zero-carbon solar and wind energy for generating electricity. “You need to have energy storage and dispatchable power when renewable energy is unavailable or when… View Article