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Sandia contributes nuclear science expertise to the International Youth Nuclear Congress

November 14, 2022 12:57 pm Published by

Sylvia Saltzstein, Sandia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technologies Senior Manager, will travel to Japan to participate in the upcoming International Youth Nuclear Congress November 27 through December 2.

The conference presents an opportunity for young nuclear science professionals to discuss research, collaborate, network, and learn from senior leaders who share their expertise navigating careers in nuclear science, engineering, and safeguards.

Sylvia will participate in the panel discussing deep geologic repository program engineering, design, and regulatory processes.

“Establishing a pipeline of young professionals around the world who are interested in nuclear waste issues helps us solve this difficult problem worldwide. As more countries make progress, there will be a tipping point where everyone can solve their nuclear waste problem.  We will need many young, smart people to make this happen,” said Sylvia.

Sandia leverages over 45 years of experience informing policy decisions and leading in the development, integration, and implementation of technically safe, viable, and sustainable solutions to nuclear energy challenges, ranging from power generation to the management of spent nuclear fuel.

For more information about Sandia’s Nuclear Energy programs, click here.

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