Sustainable Transportation

Foundational research to accelerate innovation in transportation efficiency and emissions

Through foundational physical and computational research, Sandia accelerates innovation and informs safety and security for new transportation technology.

Our sustainable transportation programs advance the development of more efficient vehicles and low-carbon fuels. Sandia’s transportation research spans passenger automobiles, heavy-duty freight, off-road machinery, marine, rail, and aviation and incorporates the study of diverse and sustainable fuels.

Research Focus Areas

Recent News

  • Making materials more durable through science

    A team at Sandia National Laboratories developed a molecule that helps change the way some materials react to temperature fluctuations, which makes them more durable. It’s an application that could be used in everything from plastic phone cases to missiles. Polymers, which include various forms of plastics, are made up of many smaller molecules, bonded… View Article

  • Stunning discovery: Metals can heal themselves

    Scientists for the first time have witnessed pieces of metal crack, then fuse back together without any human intervention, overturning fundamental scientific theories in the process. If the newly discovered phenomenon can be harnessed, it could usher in an engineering revolution — one in which self-healing engines, bridges and airplanes could reverse damage caused by… View Article

  • Registration opens for bioenergy cybersecurity workshop

    To help ensure the security of rapidly emerging U.S. bioproduction infrastructure, the U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office is hosting a half-day workshop, organized by Sandia National Laboratories and focused on bioenergy production cybersecurity. Join us for a workshop to identify cybersecurity risks in biofuel and bioproduct production and develop an approach to address… View Article


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In the Applied Bioscience Laboratory at Sandia California, the bioscience research focus is two-pronged: energy security and biosecurity.

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The Combustion Research Facility, located at Sandia’s California site, is a world-recognized leader in combustion science and technology.

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