Energy & Water

Developing science-based engineering solutions, guided by robust understanding of natural and human engineered systems

The continued security and economic health of the United States depends on a sustainable supply of both energy and water. The availability of adequate water supplies has a profound impact on the availability of energy, while energy production and power generation activities affect the availability and quality of water.

While our supply of water today is largely safe and adequate, we as a nation face increasing water supply challenges in the form of extended droughts, demand growth due to population increase, more stringent health-based regulations, and competing demands from a variety of users.

Sandia’s Energy & Water Program strives to:

  • Increase the safety, security, and sustainability of water infrastructure through the development of advanced technologies that create new water supplies,
  • Decrease demand through efficient water use, and
  • Provide decision-making tools to the institutions responsible for balancing supply and demand

Stephanie Kuzio

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