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Arctic Security

Sandia partners to anticipate—and resolve—emerging Arctic national security challenges. Security in the Arctic impacts the world stage and Arctic Security includes the logistical, informational, and physical resources needed to prevent or respond to Arctic security events.

Security in the Arctic includes considerations spanning operations and infrastructure. Whether the threat comes from sea rise to low-lying forward bases or more Arctic traffic (requiring additional operational capabilities), as a national laboratory, Sandia accomplishes tasks that are integral to the mission and operation of our sponsoring agencies.

Physical Security

Whether it is the ability to monitor a sensitive area or prevent unauthorized access to equipment such as grid or critical infrastructure controls, physical security systems in the Arctic must be reliable and sustainable.

Synthetic Aperture Radar

Using Sandia’s MiniSAR technology, analysts have been able to identify hidden threats, such as ice crevasses, and can effectively screen large areas to determine safe landing strips for emergency air vehicles.

Operational Support

Sandia delivers essential science and technology for Arctic operations in keeping with our mission as a Department of Energy national laboratory and Federally Funded Research and Development Center.