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Sandia Projects team members

Sandia is a leading Department of Energy (DOE) lab in the testing, analysis and implementation of energy storage systems. Sandia’s Projects team conducts tests on energy storage systems from the cell through system level. This includes the controls and battery management systems associated with an energy storage (ES) system. The team also reviews potential energy storage projects to determine what problem is trying to be solved, if ES is appropriate, and if so, performs an analysis to determine the optimal size (kW/kWh) given the application and market. Once these questions are answered Sandia’s Projects team then works with the clients to implement an ES system at the given location. 

The Projects team supports utilities, state energy offices, academia, and the overall ES industry to proliferate the use of energy storage on the nation’s grid. Sandia’s work allows the DOE to inform the nation’s understanding of ES application optimization, energy storage operation, system reliability, and the economic impact of energy storage in different market environments.

The Projects team capabilities allow us to:

  • Assess batteries ranging from the cell level to large utility class systems. Capabilities include reconfigurable command and control to simulate various use cases; analysis of advanced inverter functionality (up to 200kW); and grid simulation to measure changes in voltage, frequency, phase imbalance, and power quality.
  • Test ES systems up to 1MW at 480V 3-phase
  • Provide initial analysis and modeling of the grid to determine the appropriate applications for the ESS, the need for distributed energy resources (DER), and financial benefits of energy storage for the given markets
  • Model ESS to determine size MW/MWh for optimum cost benefit
  • Support project programing development that includes safety, scope, schedule, and budget
  • Develop Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Review proposals and vet technologies
  • Develop conceptual electrical plans for microgrids and power distribution systems
  • Work with the project team to vet distributed resources and control methods
  • Review contract documents to ensure requirement compliance
  • Vet commissioning plans and testing protocols for both factory tests and field installations
  • Provide technical support during construction and commissioning
  • Conduct operational performance data review and analysis
  • Provide analysis and develop optimization algorithms
Sandia Projects Team projects throughout the United States

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