Demonstrations and Validation

Sandia’s Demonstration Projects Team supports the energy storage industry, communities, state energy offices, utilities and academia in demonstrating and validating equitable use of resilient and secure energy storage systems, on and off the grid, through deployment of projects. Sandia’s work in innovative deployment projects advances the Department of Energy’s (DOE) goals of decarbonization of the electric grid and an equitable transition to clean energy. These goals are accomplished by supporting and enabling the adoption of energy storage across all types of communities.

Sandia Projects team members

The Demonstration Projects Team works with our partners to evaluate how potential energy storage projects may provide a beneficial impact to their community or organization through techno-economic analysis and system sizing optimization (kW/kWh) given the system’s application and market. Once these questions are answered, the team works with the partners to implement an energy storage project from the Request for Proposal (RFP) phase through to the commissioning, acceptance testing, and operational phases.

The Demonstration Projects Team’s capabilities accelerate the adoption of energy storage technologies in support of DOE’s goals of an equitable, clean, resilient, and secure grid of the future by:

  • Acting as a bridge between R&D efforts and commercial adoption of safe, resilient, and secure energy storage systems
  • Validating technical models and results through collection and analysis of operational energy storage data
  • Informing Codes and Standards development and best practices for installation and operation
  • Increasing public confidence by demonstrating energy storage technologies and showcasing its range of benefits

The Demonstration Projects Team is actively involved with projects in the following locations:

Waylon Clark

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