Arctic Research & Development Investments

Minimizing global security risks and adapting to climate impacts in the Arctic requires discovery science, technology, and climate data that improve awareness and understanding of hazards to Arctic communities and their infrastructure.

Download the Arctic Measurements fact sheet.

What We Do

Laboratory Directed Research and Development offers Sandia’s scientists and engineers the opportunity to identify and pursue innovative solutions to our most challenging national security problems.

Sandia’s R&D capabilities are relevant to many challenging security issues in the Arctic:

  • Novel or improved sensors, sensor systems, materials, and techniques for environmental, chemical, and biological hazard preparedness that suit the environment and user needs in the Arctic
  • New approaches for integrating domain awareness and predictive modeling to address Arctic security
  • More accurate predictions of Arctic system conditions through enhanced physical models and improved understanding of Arctic sea ice, terrestrial ice, permafrost, ocean, and atmosphere
  • The ability to design infrastructure for the melting permafrost environment, specifically the development of robust, mobile energy systems for extreme cold conditions
An illustration displaying the Arctic Coastal Erosion Model
Sandia developed the Arctic Coastal Erosion Model to model episodic, storm-driven erosion, something that current tools were previously unable to explain. 

For early stage research and development specific to the Arctic, contact Mark Ivey.