Sandia uses electric-grid analytics to combat wildfire risks and aid post-wildfire recovery

February 1, 2024 1:00 pm Published by

Wildfires impact the safety and security of society. The electric grid can initiate wildfires and is susceptible to wildfires.

Sandia’s wildfire grid resilience program aims to mitigate and determine the risk of ignition, reduce wildfire spread, and decrease the consequences of major wildfires through new tools and better-informed decision making. Improving information before wildfires occur, providing early response during wildfires, and accelerating recovery following wildfires can increase safety, minimize damage, and maximize energy availability.

Wildfire grid resiliency is important to national security

Our vision is to have the right information available at the right time to maximize the resilience of the U.S. electric power grid; minimize Public Safety Power Shutoffs; and maximize people’s safety before, during, and after wildfires. Achieving this vision requires the following:

  • Knowing and predicting risks before wildfires occur
  • Developing engineering tools and decision-making tools to optimize grid investments to plan for and prevent future wildfires
  • Responding early and effectively during wildfires
  • Accelerating recovery following wildfires

To learn more about Sandia’s wildfire grid resilience work, visit the program webpage.