Electric Grid

Grid modernization for decarbonization while ensuring safety, security, and resilience

Modernizing our electrical grid is a tremendous undertaking, requiring the coordination and collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders, including government, regulators, utilities, and—perhaps most importantly—the myriad of consumers.

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Sandia supports national efforts to modernize the electric grid by:

  • Developing new transformational energy technologies,
  • Analyzing the technical, economic, and national security implications of the loss or disruption of critical civilian and military energy infrastructures, and
  • Developing a better understanding of infrastructure protection and options for disruption mitigation, response, and recovery.

Our work in grid modeling, microgrids, distributed systems, and power electronics supports the increased use of renewable energy as well as better protection of critical energy infrastructure and assets. A modern electric grid will be the backbone of a decarbonized power system. Grid modernization is also critical to increase infrastructure resilience to the impacts of climate change.

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Learn about Sandia’s Resilient Energy Systems Mission Campaign, which coordinates R&D to increase the resilience of our nation’s energy and critical infrastructure systems.

Learn more about Sandia’s contributions to the Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transitions to 100% Renewable Energy Study (PR100) by reading the full report.


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