Water Power Personnel

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Seongho Ahn, Ph.D.Post Doctorate Appointee

Hydrokinetic energy resource assessment
Wave modeling & characterization

Giorgio Bacelli, Ph.D.Dynamics & Control Engineer

GB_pic_smallerSystems dynamics, control and estimation
Modeling & system identification
Instrumentation & data acquisition

Chris Chartrand, M.S.—Numerical Analyst & Developer

Chris ChartrandComputational fluid dynamics
Numerical methods
Software development

Ryan Coe, Ph.D.—Wave Energy & Fluid Dynamics Specialist

Ryan CoeComputational fluid dynamics
Reduced-order modeling
Wave tank testing

Ann Dallman, Ph.D.—R&D Engineer

Dallman_Ann_squarePic_uncompressed2Fluid dynamics and resource assessment
Numerical simulation
Experimental set-up and analysis

Dominic Forbush, Ph.D.—Post-Doctoral Appointee

Modeling, system identification, and control
Open-source code development
Wave tank testing

 Budi Gunawan, Ph.D.— Hydrodynamic Engineer

Budi_photoExperimental and computational hydrodynamics
Device performance testing
Sensor instrumentation

Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez, Ph.D.Chemist, MHK Advanced Materials & Coatings

Protective coatings
Composite materials
Materials reliability

Vincent Neary, Ph.D.— Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Lead

Hydrokinetic energy resource assessment
Turbulent inflow characterization
Experimental testing & numerical modeling

Sterling Olson — R&D Engineer

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Open Source Code Development
  • MRE Economic Modeling

Jesse Roberts, MSME, MSEnvE—Environmental Analysis Lead

jesse_rPhysical environmental effects of marine renewable energy
Hydrodynamics & sediment dynamics
Project management

Kelley Ruehl M.S.—Wave Energy & Hydrodynamics

Open source code development
Hydrodynamic modeling
Wave tank testing

Support Staff

Joseph Ulibarri, MBA—Business Analyst

ulibarriFinancial analysis
Project management
Business operations

Carolee Wheeler—Office Administrative Assistant

wheelerAdministrative support
Event coordination
Office coordination