DUAL ATTACK — Sandia global security staff works with a team from a private Canadian nuclear power plant during a cyberattack exercise on May 17. The mock cyberattack was followed by a simulated physical intrusion. The exercise was the culmination of two-year project involving Sandia, Idaho National Laboratory and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

Sandia partners with other labs to bolster nuclear security

July 24, 2023 8:00 am Published by

Sandia is collaborating with international partners to collect data to better protect nuclear sites from cyberattacks and physical intrusions. As part of the multiyear research project with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Sandia developed software to emulate a cyberattack on a site’s central alarm station during exercises, with the goal of improving overall security.

“Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. Nuclear facilities must now be prepared to address cyberthreats as well as more traditional threats to the physical security of a facility,” said Matthew Erdman, Sandia’s project lead for global security. “We’re developing a methodology and process to help facilities exercise their response capabilities and increase preparedness against all threats.” The blended attack exercise, which tested both cyber and physical security capabilities during one event, took place May 17 at Sandia New Mexico.

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