Techno-Economic Performance Metrics

There are a wide variety of needs and uses for Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) techno-economic performance metrics. They accomplish a variety of objectives, including enabling consistent evaluation and benchmarking of device/component performance in marine energy across all stages of development; helping to discern technology/industry advancement and identify cost-reduction pathways.

Defensible and relevant performance metrics are also necessary to support project funding decisions, to assess technology maturation, and generally to establish benchmarks for tracking industry progression.

Graphic of Lowering Cost of Energy-Water Project for techno-Economic Webpage

Methodology for design, analysis, and LCOE estimation of reference marine energy technologies. As presented in Neary, V.S., M. Previsic, R.A. Jepsen, M. Lawson, Y. Yu, A.E. Copping, A.A. Fontaine, K.C. Hallett and D.K. Murray (2014).

All MHK stakeholders, including developers, funding agencies, investors, and researchers will benefit from clear techno-economic performance metrics to guide industry development towards success. Sandia supports many activities in the area of MHK performance metrics, often working with domestic and international partners to bring the global community closer together through a common understanding and approach to metrics and their uses.

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