Sandia Holistic Advanced Reactor Capabilities Center

Circle graphic that represents the SHARCC ecosystem

Sandia Holistic Advanced Reactor Capabilities Center
Scope and Core Nuclear Energy Capabilities

Sandia’s Holistic Advanced Reactor Capabilities Center (SHARCC) brings a broad range of unique technical capabilities to support our national vision and reflects our focus on the overall nuclear energy/facility system rather than a specific reactor design or technology. Sandia focuses on the broader system and all the elements and issues that must be addressed to ensure the safe, secure, resilient, reliable, and economic operation of nuclear reactors and facilities. Our scope covers the front end and back end of the nuclear energy fuel cycle, including safety and risk assessment, physical and cyber security, safeguards, transportation and packaging, accident consequences and emergency response, and long-term disposal of spent fuel and radioactive materials.

The vision of SHARCC is to ensure that nuclear energy can provide safe, secure, resilient, and reliable carbon neutral electricity generation for our nation and the world by enabling deployment and long-term operation of multiple generations of advanced nuclear energy systems.

SHARCC represents the core capabilities and nuclear energy/facility related work of three Sandia programs: Nuclear Energy Fuel Cycle, Nuclear Energy Safety Technologies, and Global Engineered Security Systems. Together, these three programs support a broad range of sponsors and their involvement in SHARCC allows for coordinated leadership of a body of work to more effectively meet national needs. In addition to these foundational capabilities, SHARCC Applied Information Sciences, has a unique capability focus in the area of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI), which will be fundamental in realizing more economic and safer advanced nuclear energy systems.

photo of nuclear waste canister transportation test
Sandia is putting nuclear waste storage canisters to the test during a multiyear DOE-funded project.

SHARCC Functions

By coordinating and integrating programs and capabilities across the Lab, SHARCC enables:

  • development and execution of a unified strategy to bring Sandia’s core capabilities to address national needs
  • awareness of work within SHARCC that benefits/affects other efforts and sponsors
  • coordinated sponsor engagement and partnership development
  • holistic communication and branding of Sandia’s unique capabilities, work, and impact
  • coordinated approach to staffing and matrixing
  • coordinated capability requests for the maintenance and growth of core capabilities
  • development of a platform to foster national and international thought leadership in the areas of nuclear safety, security, and safeguards necessary to propel long-term adoption and acceptance of nuclear energy systems within the nation’s larger energy portfolio
  • shared advocacy for key research and development needs and gaps

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Work with Us

We partner with large and small businesses, universities, and government agencies. With multiple agreement types to select from, partners can access world-class science, engineering, experts, and infrastructure.


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