SHARCC-Related Publications

DateArticle Title Authors
2023 The Impact of Nuclear Data Uncertainty on Identifying Plutonium Diversion in Liquid-Fueled Molten Salt Reactors Vidal Soares, Andre Augusto ; Kovacevic, Branko ; Johnsen, Amanda ; Lintereur, Azaree ; Betzler, Benjamin ; Dion, Michael ; Shoman, Nathan ; Walters, William 
2023Using the Information Harm Triangle to Identify Risk-Informed Cybersecurity Strategies for Instrumentation and Control Systems  Rowland, Michael T. ; Maccarone, Lee T. ; Clark, Andrew J. 
2023 Pumping Options for Versatile Test Reactor Molten Lead In-Pile Test Cartridge El-Genk, Mohamed S. ; Schriener, Timothy M. ; Altamimi, Ragai ; Hahn, Andrew 
2022Response of a Pressurized Water Reactor Dashpot Region to Commercial Drying Cycles  Pulido, Ramon J. M. ; Taconi, Anna ; Salazar III, Alex ; Fasano, Raymond E. ; Williams, Ronald W. ; Baigas, Beau ; Durbin, Samuel G
2022Advanced Reactor Safeguards: 2022 Program Roadmap Cipiti, Benjamin B. ; Fitzwater, Savannah ; Breshears, Andrew ; Gariazzo, Claudio ; Hoyt, Nathaniel ; Cheng, Lap ; Cui, Yonggang ; Smith, Curtis ; Croce, Mark ; Dion, Michael ; Gibbs, Philip ; Lines, Amanda ; Otto, Ty ; Evans, Alan ; Mousseau, Vince ; Russell, John R. ; Shoman, Nathan
2022PRO-X Fuel Cycle Transportation and Crosscutting Progress Report  Honnold, Philip ; Crabtree, Lauren ; Higgins, Michael ; Williams, Adam ; Finch, Robert ; Cipiti, Benjamin ; Ammerman, Douglas ; Farnum, Cathy ; Kalinina, Elena ; Ruehl, Matthew ; Hawthorne, Krista
2022Bayesian games for the cybersecurity of nuclear power plants  Maccarone, Lee T. ; Cole, Daniel G. 
2022Evaluation of Joint Cyber/Safety Risk in Nuclear Power Systems  Clark, Andrew ; James, Jacob ; Mohmand, Jamal ; Lamb, Christopher ; Maccarone, Lee ; Rowland, Michael
2022Quantitative Assessment for Advanced Reactor Radioisotope Screening Utilizing a Heat Pipe Reactor Inventory  Clavier, Kyle ; Clayton, Daniel ; Faucett, Christopher
2022Scoping Analysis of MACCS Modeling Improvements for the Study of Protective Action Recommendations  Smith, Mariah ; Walton, Fotini ; Leute, Jennifer ; Dise, Joshua 
2022Technical Bases for Consequence Analyses Using MACCS (MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System)  Bixler, Nathan ; Compton, Keith ; Dennis, M. ; Eubanks, Lloyd ; Haaker, Rick ; Jones, Joe ; Kimura, M. ; McFadden, Katherine ; Nosek, Andrew ; Outkin, Alexander ; Walton, Fotini 
20212021 Preliminary Radioisotope Screening for Off-site Consequence Assessment of Advanced Non-LWR Systems  Andrews, Nathan C. ; Higgins, Michael ; Taconi, Anna ; Leute, Jennifer
2021Advanced Reactor Initiatives for MACCS Radionuclide Screening Andrews, Nathan ; Higgins, Michael ; TACONI, ANNA ; Leute, Jennifer
2021MACCS Initiatives for Advanced Reactor Consequence Analyses  Andrews, Nathan ; Higgins, Michael ; TACONI, ANNA ; Leute, Jennifer
2021Limitations of Overall Measurement Error for Molten Salt Reactors  Higgins, Michael ; Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin 
2021Considerations for NMA of Molten Salt Reactors Shoman, Nathan ; Higgins, Michael 
2021High Level Gap Analysis for Accident Tolerant and Advanced Fuels for Storage and Transportation  Honnold, Philip ; Montgomery, Rose ; Billone, Mike ; Hanson, Brady ; Saltzstein, Sylvia
2021The MPACT 2020 Milestone: Safeguards and Security by Design of Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities  Cipiti, Benjamin B ; Browne, Michael ; Reim, Michael 
2021The MPACT 2020 Milestone: Safeguards and Security by Design of Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities  Cipiti, Benjamin B ; Browne, Michael ; Reim, Michael
2021Safeguards Modeling for Advanced Nuclear Facility Design  Cipiti, Benjamin B ; Shoman, Nathan ; Honnold, Philip 
2021Security Modeling for Advanced Nuclear Facility Design  Parks, M. Jordan ; Cipiti, Benjamin B ; Stromberg, Ben ; Noel, Todd ; Knudsen, Ryan
2021Insights from Applied Machine Learning for Safeguarding a PUREX Reprocessing Facility Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin ; Grimes, Thomas ; Wilson, Ben ; Gladen, Randall 
2021Automated Cyber Security Testing Platform for Industrial Control Systems  Hahn, Andrew Stuart ; Sandoval, Daniel R. ; Fasano, Raymond Ernest ; Lamb, Christopher 
2021Cyber-Physical Risks for Advanced Reactors  Fasano, Raymond ; Hahn, Andrew ; James, Jacob ; Lamb, Christopher ; Haddad, Alexandria 
2021Advance Reactor Operational Technology Architecture Categorization  Fasano, Raymond ; Hahn, Andrew ; Haddad, Alexandria ; Lamb, Christopher 
2020Deconstructing the Nuclear Supply Chain Cyber-Attack Surface Eggers, Shannon Leigh ; Rowland, Michael  2020 ; Schelling, Joseph ; Walton, Fotini  2020
2020Assessment of the MACCS Code Applicability for Nearfield Consequence Analysis Clayton, Daniel James ; Bixler, Nathan E.
2020Emergency Planning Considerations for Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors  Farnum, Cathy Ottinger ; Jones, Joseph A.
2020Economic Model for Estimation of GDP Losses in the MACCS Offsite Consequence Analysis Code  Bixler, Nathan E. ; Outkin, Alexander V. ; Osborn, Douglas ; Andrews, Nathan ; Walton, Fotini 
2019Safeguards and Process Modeling for Molten Salt Reactors  Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin B. ; Betzler, Benjamin 
2019Development of a Liquid-Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Safeguards Model  Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin B. 
2019New Approaches in Process Monitoring for Fuel Cycle Facilities  Cipiti, Benjamin B. ; Shoman, Nathan 
2018Development of a Two-Fluid Molten Salt Reactor Safeguards Model  Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin B
2018Development of Continuous Processes for a Molten Salt Reactor Safeguards Model  Shoman, Nathan ; Cipiti, Benjamin B.
2018Bulk Handling Facility Modeling and Simulation for Safeguards Analysis  Cipiti, Benjamin B. ; Shoman, Nathan Burr, Tom ; Tom Burr 
207Material Protection, Accounting and Control Technologies (MPACT) Implementation Plan: Lab-Scale Demonstration of Advanced Safeguard and Security Systems  Cipiti, Ben ; Croce, Mark ; Meier, David ; Pereira, Candido ; Sanders, Jeff ; Miller, Mike
2017Nuclear power plant instrumentation and control cyber security common vector access leading to relational common cause failures – 340 Turner, Phillip L. ; McCrory, F. Mitch ; Dawson, Lon A.
2017Computer Security for I and C Systems at Nuclear Facilities – 116 Rowland, Michael T. ; Dudenhoeffer, Donald D. ; Purvis, J. Scott 
2017Dynamic attack surfaces in nuclear power plants – 162 Lamb, Christopher C. ; Dawson, Lon A
2016 Development of modern CANDU PHWR cross-section libraries for SCALE  Shoman, Nathan T. ; Skutnik, Steven E. 
2016Material Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies (MPACT) Advanced Integration Roadmap  Durkee, Joe W. ; Cipiti, Ben ; Demuth, Scott Francis ; Fallgren, Andrew James ; Jarman, Ken ; Li, Shelly ; Meier, Dave ; Miller, Mike ; Osburn, Laura Ann ; Pereira, Candido ; Dasari, Venkateswara Rao ; Ticknor, Lawrence O. ; Yoo, Tae-Sic