Arctic Energy & Infrastructure

The Arctic is changing rapidly, bringing new challenges to its remote communities, industry, military bases, and associated infrastructure. North Slope Alaska is very limited with respect to assets, and many unique challenges exist. There is a dire need for well-designed energy and infrastructure to support current and future needs. Sandia delivers essential grid and infrastructure science and technology for the Arctic region.

Arctic Grid & Renewable Energy Technologies

The Arctic’s harsh environment provides a proving ground for new energy technologies that can be applied locally and globally to enhance access to affordable and resilient electricity. Learn about Sandia’s Grid and Renewable Energy Technologies in the Arctic.

Arctic Infrastructure Resilience

Sandia collaborates to enable resilient infrastructure planning and design against natural emergencies and slow onset hazards. We work to understand Arctic systems and translate our research into interpretive and predictive tools as well as resilient equipment and technology. Learn about Sandia’s resilient infrastructure R&D in the Arctic.