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Fossil Energy

Solving the Nation’s Energy-Related Engineering Challenges in Subsurface Energy Production, Storage, and Waste Disposal

Sandia’s integrated geosciences and engineering capabilities contribute solutions to areas of national importance, including energy security and safety, defense, intelligence, nuclear weapons, nonproliferation, disaster response, and climate security.

  • Expertise in energy extraction, storage, and security, as well as carbon capture, use, and storage
  • Deep experience in persistent monitoring from nonproliferation, defense, and border security applications
  • Competencies in solving applied problems in adaptive control of subsurface fractures, flow, and transport; subsurface and atmospheric sensing; and predicting earth system behavior over orders of magnitudes in space and time
  • World-class characterization at in-situ conditions, modeling, simulation, and imaging capabilities
  • Focus on government, academic, and industrial partnerships to deploy transformative technologies