Energy Storage

Energy Storage Technologies for Electric Grid Modernization

A secure, robust, and agile electricity grid is a central element of national infrastructure. Modernization of this infrastructure is critical for the nation’s economic vitality and our ability to achieve a clean energy future. Sandia National Laboratories supports these national interests through advanced research in power systems, renewable generation and integration, energy storage, microgrids, cyber security, and enabling technologies including power electronics and advanced materials.

Sandia’s vision for enabling electric grid modernization includes diverse energy storage research programs and engineering efforts that range from basic research and development (R&D) to large-scale demonstrations and deployments. Utilizing state-of-the-art capabilities and world-class expertise, we focus on making energy storage cost effective through R&D innovations of both new and existing battery technologies.

Our focus on grid-scale electrical energy storage is a central element of a broader energy storage landscape that spans both Sandia Albuquerque and Sandia California and includes large-scale thermal and thermochemical storage, hydrogen storage, and even pumped hydroelectric and compressed air energy storage.

Transformative advancements in power electronics and power conversion systems are aimed at efficient integration of evolving grid technologies, while advanced diagnostic and testing capabilities inform critical improvements in the safety and reliability of electric vehicles and other energy storage systems in Sandia’s BATLab.

We also collect key information on current and future storage technologies and act as a clearinghouse for energy storage information. To support those efforts, Sandia manages the DOE Energy Storage Systems website and the Global Energy Storage Database.

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