Nuclear Energy

Ensuring clean energy and environmental stability for national security, Sandia’s Nuclear Energy teams provide research and analysis to help ensure safe, secure, viable, and sustainable solutions to nuclear energy challenges, ranging from power generation to space launch safety to the management of spent nuclear fuel.

Sandia develops innovative technologies and methodologies through scientific analyses and experiments to enhance the safety of the nuclear fuel cycle and the supporting infrastructure. We provide a scientific basis to support Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing and regulatory decisions and advance the technical foundation for severe accident analysis/management and high consequence risk characterization of light water and advanced nuclear power systems. In addition, we provide and advance the scientific and technical basis to defend energy systems from cyber and physical threats.

Sandia leverages over 45 years of experience informing policy decisions and leading in the development, integration, and implementation of technically safe, viable, and sustainable solutions to nuclear energy challenges, ranging from power generation to the management of spent nuclear fuel.

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Sandia’s Holistic Advanced Reactor Capabilities Center (SHARCC) capitalizes on our breadth and depth of experience and capabilities in the Nuclear Energy sector. The vision of SHARCC is to ensure that nuclear energy can provide safe, secure, resilient, and reliable carbon neutral electricity generation for our nation and the world by enabling deployment and long-term operation of multiple generations of advanced nuclear energy systems. Learn more about SHARCC’s foundational capabilities and how we are leveraging coordinated leadership to effectively meet national needs by visiting the Holistic Advanced Reactor Capabilities Center page.

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