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SWiFT Facility & Testing

Take a virtual tour of the SWiFT facility now! View SWiFT Tour The Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) facility, located at Texas Tech University’s National Wind Institute Research Center in Lubbock, Texas, is the first public facility to use multiple wind turbines to measure turbine performance in [...]

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Offshore Wind RD&D: Large Offshore Rotor Development

For more information, please contact D. Todd Griffith. Sandia Blade and Turbine Design Models: Reports and Model Files Blade Models: Detailed Design Information (Blade Key: SNL[length(m)]-[version]) Blade Designation Blade Report Brief Description Design Scorecard Model Files Mini-report "SNL100-00" SAND2011-3779 (1.22MB PDF) Sandia 100m All-glass Baseline Blade SNL100-00 Design Scorecard (327KB PDF) SNL100-00 Model [...]

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Continuous Reliability Enhancement for Wind (CREW) Database and Analysis Program

2013 CREW Benchmark: These wind turbines actively generate power 83% of the time and are available to generate 97.6% of the time. To characterize wind turbine and wind plant reliability performance issues and identify opportunities for improving reliability and availability performance within the wind industry, the Continuous Reliability Enhancements for Wind (CREW) [...]

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Two Sandia Engineers named as Influencers and Innovators of Wind Power

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — April 28, 2011 — Sandia engineers Jose Zayas and Dale Berg were honored by Windpower Engineering magazine as two of the nation's innovators and influencers in wind energy. [singlepic id=653 w=320 h=240 float=right]Zayas, senior manager of the Renewable Energy Technologies group at Sandia National Laboratories, was named an influencer on wind energy. [...]

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Numerical Manufacturing And Design Tool (NuMAD)

NuMAD (Numerical Manufacturing And Design) is an open-source software tool written in Matlab which simplifies the process of creating a three-dimensional model of a wind turbine blade. The graphical, user-friendly tool manages all blade information including airfoils, materials, and material placement. NuMAD uses the blade information to generate input files for other tools: The [...]

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Wind Energy Staff

Geoffrey Klise - Department Manager Technical Staff Jonathan Berg, MSME—SWiFT Site Lead Mechanical-electrical-software System Integration Software & controller development System dynamics modelling  Joshua Bryant—SWiFT Mechanical Engineer Rotor Aerodynamic Design Data Acquisition System Design Numerical Simulation Development Benjamin Karlson, MSEE—Wind Energy Market Barrier Mitigation Researcher Power system modeling and [...]

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Wind Energy

Advancing rotor technology to capture more energy, more reliably, with relatively lower system loads—all at a lower end cost. Enabling rapid, cost-effective research to improve wind plant performance and advance technology. Improving wind-turbine blade manufacturing quality and determining the most cost-effective methods to mitigate environmental damage. Investigating both wind turbines and radars [...]

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Stationary Power

Stationary Power Our work in stationary power includes the deployment of clean electricity, which requires integration with a modernized grid infrastructure, and enhancements in energy efficiency as a direct influence on energy productivity and economic competitiveness. Energy Conversion Efficiency High-efficiency conversion of low and  zero-carbon energy sources to electricity Grid [...]

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