Solar Market Transformation

Past Market Transformation Activities

Current activates have built upon past efforts, most notably the Solar American Cities (now Communities) program in recent years.
Solar American Cities
Sandia provided technical assistance to U.S. cities, nongovernment organizations, and federal facilities that won awards for our services, which included

facilitating solar site selection and optimization;
providing systems performance projections;
identifying and quantifying the full value of solar […]

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At the residential and commercial levels, poorly sited projects can result in reduced system performance, among other things; while at the utility scale, where a project is sited may result in increased costs associated with access to transmission, environmental impacts, and other potential conflicts.
Water Availability
Water availability is a critical issue with the potential to significantly […]

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Workers who install systems have a critical role in reducing both the upfront and the lifecycle costs of PV systems. Labor costs represent a significant portion of total system costs. And although the effect is not observed in upfront $/watt costs, subpar installation practices increase cost by limiting system performance, effectively increasing the system levelized […]

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Permitting, Inspection, and Interconnection

Costs associated with the permitting, inspection, and interconnection processes can be reduced through streamlining and standardizing requirements and application formats across authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utilities, as well as training code officials and system-installer employees. Opportunity cost is also important to nonhardware costs as fixes and reworks will be mitigated as a direct result […]

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Many parties take on some measures of risk in the investment and commitment of funds to PV projects. Project risk, resource risk, technology risk, policy risk, performance risk, and market risk are just some of factors that are considered. Insurance is a form of risk mitigation that may be used to hedge against loss risks. […]

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Utility Operations and Programs

Utilities need to understand how solar generating technologies will behave on their systems (transmission and distribution) as well as how a higher penetration of solar will impact their business operations. Additionally, the availability of and access to transmission and better development and use of market solutions affects the ability of the solar industry to continue […]

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Policy and Regulatory, Codes and Standards

Utility-sector policies can enable or hinder solar markets. Clear policy and regulation translation and implementation protect market stakeholders and reduces the “back and forth” during project development and at other times. Sandia is active in disseminating technical information to inform those who make policy and design regulations. One approach is through training. Educational seminars raise […]

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Solar Market Transformation

Sandia’s Market Transformation efforts exist at the intersection of technology, economics, and policy & regulations. We address market barriers and transactional costs of solar projects across the United States. This large market is actually a patchwork of solar markets on a state-by-state level. Despite excellent solar resources throughout much of the country, many states lack […]

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