2022 Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to identify research directions and priorities for the next generation of power electronics and energy conversion systems for the electric grid, transportation, and national security.

August 23 & 24

8:00 AM MT – 4:00 PM MT

These webinars will be all virtual via Zoom.

Hosted by Sandia National Laboratories

2022 Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Workshop

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Session 1:  Electrification of everything – electricity delivery and the future gridTopics: transportation; manufacturing; HVAC; military applications; residential distributed energy resources; decarbonization of energy production.
Session 2: Solid-State Transformers: Grid Applications and RoadblocksTopics: potential benefits of solid-state transformers; transmission applications; distribution applications; behind the meter applications.
Session 3: Solid state transformers: Circuit Topologies and ControlsTopics: Topologies (AC/AC, AC/DC/AC, etc.); Voltage versus current source; Modularity and scalability; Gate level; Component level; System level.
Session 4: Semiconductor MaterialsTopics: SiC; GaN; future materials.
Session 5: PassivesTopics: inductors; resistors; capacitors; magnetics/transformers.
Session 6: Packaging and Manufacturing; Power Density; Thermal Modeling; Supply ChainTopics: device level; component level; system level; circuit boards; electrical breakdown, electromagnetic coupling; failure modeling; redundancy; accelerated testing; electrical breakdown; lifetime modeling.
Session 7:  R&D Gaps and Business Opportunities