Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production

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Quantitative Risk Assessment

Sandia’s Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) team develops methodologies to identify hazards, understand risk drivers, and develop strategies to reduce risk in hydrogen infrastructure. The models, data, methods, and tools developed by Sandia facilitate the use of science and engineering to support the development of codes and standards that ensure the safe use of hydrogen.  The […]

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Hydrogen Infrastructure

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Hydrogen Behavior

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Sandia maintains the facilities and experts required to discover, synthesize, and characterize hydrogen storage materials for vehicle and energy storage applications.  Sandia provides rigorous testing of hydrogen storage and delivery properties to enable a critical evaluation of materials.  In addition, engineering and process development expertise is leverage to accelerate the transition of the most-promising hydrogen […]

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International Leadership

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Market Transformation

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Fuel Cells

Sandia has the expertise in synthesizing and characterizing ion-containing separators employed in fuel cells and electrolysers.  For the past 12 years, Sandia has developed and patented a novel class of poly(phenylene)s that has shown promise in both acidic and alkaline fuel cells, flow batteries and electrolysers. Sandia has received industry investment totaling over $6M through […]

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