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Image Gallery Videos Concentrating Solar Power Image Gallery A picture says a thousand words, especially on the World Wide Web. Both Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (collectively known as “SunLab” within the CSP Program) maintain extensive databases of photographs, many of which are available for public use. These photos illustrate the […]

Optics Lab

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Optical equipment located in this lab space and tools developed, using DOE funds, allows for optical characterization of heliostat and dish facets. These flexible analytical tools, along with the on-site expertise currently support the evaluation and development of low-cost, high-performance heliostat facets. The tools are also applicable to assembly/production line environments. In addition, field support […]

Dish Test Facility

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This area of the site allows industry partners to install full-scale solar dishes for long-term reliability testing and evaluation. There are currently ten SES dishes and six Infinia dishes at this location. The site also includes two SNL-developed solar dishes that are available for research. Solar dishes can be used for the high-temperature portions of […]

Concentrated Photovoltaics

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SNL’s Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Integration department and staff from the NSTTF worked with SunPower to install 110 kWe of SunPower’s new C7 low-concentration PV systems at the NSTTF. This is the first demonstration of a utility-size CPV test at SNL. The PV Reliability group worked closely with SunPower during the development and early implementation […]

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