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National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) NSTTF's primary goal is to provide experimental engineering data for the design, construction, and operation of unique components and systems in proposed solar thermal electrical plants, which have three generic system architectures: line-focus (trough and continuous linear Fresnel reflector systems), point-focus central receiver (power towers), and point-focus distributed [...]

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Geomechanics Laboratory

Making predictions of rock mass response and fluid flow through rock masses requires quantitative models of the governing deformation and fracture processes. Building these models, and performing analytic and numerical design calculations from the models requires information about specific rock properties. The Geomechanics Laboratory enables you to measure rock properties under a wide range of [...]

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Earth Science

Earth Science A sustainable future requires understanding and ensuring that the Earth system supports both stationary and transportation energy systems while mitigating the impact these energy systems have on the Earth. Sandia is focused on three primary R&D areas that are aligned with the DOE’s emerging crosscutting program initiatives: Climate Measurement & [...]

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