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On April 20, 2011, in

Sandia National Laboratories and Forest City Enterprises – Partnering for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Demand for electricity throughout the world increases daily. In the United States alone, demand is projected to increase 14% by 2035, thus taxing an already fully loaded grid system. To meet these challenges, new technologies must be evaluated and […]

Applying Energy Surety to Military Bases

On January 25, 2011, in

Applying Energy Surety to Military Bases Sandia’s battery storage capability. Energy storage is an integral part of the Energy Surety Microgrid A Sandia research team is applying a Labs-developed energy surety model to U.S. military bases. The team, working with the DOE and DoD, is looking at how military bases can improve energy generation and […]

Energy Assurance

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The nation’s security is compromised by the fact that a large majority of the energy we consume comes from foreign sources. Our security is placed in jeopardy by foreign competition for the energy resources and international instabilities and conflicts. DoD Energy Assurance seeks to develop and apply tools to conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments of critical […]