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Cyber-Based Vulnerability Assessments

Digital Instrument and Control (I&C) is an integral part of the nuclear power industry in the United States. I&C systems monitor the safe, reliable and secure generation and delivery of electricity and could have potential cyber vulnerabilities. At Sandia National Laboratories, cyber-based vulnerability assessments are conducted on multiple I&C platforms deployed in the nuclear industry [...]

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Severe Accident Modeling

Supporting nuclear energy efforts by developing risk margins, creating risk assessments, sequencing nuclear reactor accident progression, and performing reactor consequence modeling. Severe Accident Modeling Fact Sheet MELCOR Fact Sheet MACCS Fact Sheet

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Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Evaluating the risk associated with operating a facility by evaluating the frequency of accident sequences and the consequences of potential accidents. Probabilistic Risk Assessment Fact Sheet Bayesian Networks: Decision Support for Complex Systems

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Human Reliability Assessment

Identifying potential human errors and systematically estimating the probability of those errors occurring as a step toward estimating a system’s total risk.

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Fire Science

Investigating the effects of fire on a variety of nuclear energy applications and components including cables and electric circuits, shipping casks, spent fuel assembly, and liquid sodium. Fire Science fact sheet

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Transportation Safety

Developing and applying technology to assure the safe transportation of radioactive and hazardous materials. Transportation Safety Fact Sheet RADTRAN Fact Sheet

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Uncertainty Analysis

Assessing the uncertainty present in any complex problem is an essential part of its analysis and is many times required by major US and international regulatory agencies. Uncertainty Analysis Fact Sheet

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Informing Policymakers and Regulatory Support

Regulatory Gap Analysis Provides regulatory and risk analyses in a comprehensive and efficient manner to close the gap between dated regulations and new technologies being developed in the nuclear energy sector. Regulatory Gap Analysis Fact Sheet Quality Assurance Implementing systematic quality assurance (QA) processes in everything from data collection and [...]

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Phenomenological Modeling

Structural Performing complex systems analysis, structural, and mechanical analysis, design, and experiments in support of safety and security assessments of commercial nuclear power generation plants and fuel cycle facilities. Structural Phenomenological Fact Sheet Thermal Performing complete investigations of thermal phenomena by leveraging a comprehensive suite of resources including a unique [...]

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Experimental Testing

Multi-scale and Multi-process Testing Exploring how individual components and subsystems will behave in different environments through the use of multi-scale and multi-process testing as a measure to inform risk and safety assessments and performance certification processes. Multi-scale and Multi-process Testing Fact Sheet Large-Scale Validation Experiments Using science as a foundation, [...]

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