Energy and Climate

Energy Storage System Safety Research

Battery Calorimetry Laboratory

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Lithium-ion battery technology offers great benefits in portable power, but an essential challenge is to ensure operational safety. Current lithium-ion technologies are prone to thermal runaway reactions. In order for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technologies to succeed in the marketplace, they must be very safe and reliable. Therefore, either the consequences […]

Characterization and Failure Analysis

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Our abuse testing provides a wealth of data about a battery pack’s/module’s performance under stressful conditions, but the testing data itself can only reveal so much about an energy storage system’s strengths and weaknesses. Once testing is complete and a storage system’s attributes and limits are determined, our scientists and engineers work with the manufacturer’s […]

Cell Prototyping Facility

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Sandia has long maintained an energy storage prototyping and fabrication capability in support of its national security mission. As we have expanded our energy storage R&D into areas applicable to commercial applications, we have also adapted this prototyping/fabrication capability as well. We can use this capability to directly support our abuse testing/evaluation and characterization/failure analysis […]

BATLab News

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Sandia BATLab press releases Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Undergoing $4.2 Million Stimulus-Fund Renovation (July 12, 2011) Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Awarded $4.2 Million in Stimulus Funds (December 16, 2009) Sandia Researchers Purposely Damage Batteries to See How Much Abuse They Can Take (March 31, 2008) Media links Why did you become a scientist?, […]

BATLab Partnerships

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The BATLab has had a number of partnerships over the years including cooperative research and development agreements (CRADA) and work for others (WFO) programs with industry and government agencies to study battery safety and reliability. Our past and current partners include: NASA Nissan Motors SK Corp. Hitachi A123 Enerdel Quallion Eaton Corp. Air Products Exxon/Tonen […]

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