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Water Security Customers/Partners Awards Key Publications Staff Biographies Water Security In many areas of the United States and multiple regions of the world, competing demands for fresh water outweigh sustainable supply. Water issues increasingly limit economic development, impact interdependent infrastructure (such as energy and agriculture), and are a fundamental source of conflict. The primary objectives […]

Climate Security

On May 13, 2011, in

Global reductions in greenhouse gases will eventually be motivated by an international climate treaty and will entail regional or local policy decisions to mitigate emissions. Sandia’s experience in nuclear non-proliferation and treaty verification provides a strong foundation for climate treaty verification.  A global climate treaty will likely be based on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories supplied […]


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Climate/Environment Sensing and Monitoring Modeling and Analysis Carbon Management Water Security Publications Events News Climate/Environment The Climate/Environment program works to understand and prepare the nation for the national security implications of climate change. National security is Sandia National Laboratories’ foundational mission. Our nation’s security can only be achieved in a stable international environment. Sandia maintains […]



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