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Electric Car Challenge Sparks Students’ STEM Interest

Aspiring automotive engineers from 27 NM middle schools competed in the New Mexico Electric Car Challenge on Saturday, November 22nd at  Highland High School in Albuquerque. Forty-six teams participated in a race, a design competition, and an optional oral presentation. The New Mexico Electric Car Challenge, formerly the New Mexico Hydrogen Fuels Challenge, is presented […]

“Bionic” Liquids from Lignin: Joint BioEnergy Institute Results Pave the Way for Closed-Loop Biofuel Refineries

While ionic liquids (paired-ions salts that are liquid at room temperature) show great promise for liberating fermentable sugars from lignocellulose and improving advanced-biofuel economics, an even more promising candidate is now on the horizon—“bionic” liquids. The current “standard,” imidazolium-based ionic liquids, effectively and efficiently deconstruct biomass into fuel sugars, but are expensive, and thus limited […]

Sandia Video Featured by DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office

In July 2014, the DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) released the short documentary film Bioenergy: America’s Energy Future, which highlights stories of individuals and companies who are passionate about achieving the promise of biofuels and addressing the challenges of developing a thriving bioeconomy. The film also demonstrates that investing in bio­energy helps maintain America’s compe­titive […]

Sandians Won Best Poster Award at the ASME 12th Fuel Cell Science, Engineering, and Technology Conference

Brian Somerday and Joe Ronevich (both in Sandia’s Hydrogen and Combustion Technology Dept.) won the Best Poster Award for their presentation “Assessing Hydrogen Pipeline Reliability: Quantifying Susceptibility of Pipeline Steels to Hydrogen Gas-Accelerated Fatigue Crack Growth” at the ASME 12th Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. One pathway for delivering H2 […]

Fuel-Cell-Powered Mobile Lights Tested, Proven, Ready for Commercial Use

Mobile lighting systems powered by hydrogen (H2) fuel cells are cleaner, quieter, and now have a proven track record in applications such as nighttime construction, sports and entertainment events, and airport operations, making them ready for commercialization and broader use. The DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO), Boeing, Multiquip, Altergy Systems, and other private-sector partners […]

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