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Sandia and Partners Complete Phase I of a Vertical-Axis Deep-Water Offshore Turbine Study

Sandia and partners from the University of Maine, Technical University of Delft, Iowa State University, TPI Composites, and Texas A&M University have completed the first phase of a project to explore the feasibility of large-scale vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) for deep-water offshore locations. The results of this conceptual study show the potential for significant cost […]

Sandia Participated in AMII to Support American-Made Wind-Turbine Blades

Sandia helped wind-turbine blade makers improve the labor productivity associated with blade fabrication & finishing—making domestically produced blades more cost competitive with blades from countries that pay workers lower wages. The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (AMII), a three-year, $6.3M project, brought together researchers from Sandia, Iowa State University, and TPI Composites of Scottsdale, Arizona, which […]

Study Compares Floating-Platform Options for Offshore Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

Sandia and the University of Maine recently published a Sandia technical report on floating-platform options for deep-water vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs). This analysis uses a 5 MW VAWT topside design envelope created by Sandia to compare floating platform options for each turbine in the design space. The platform designs are based on two existing designs, the […]

Sandia Develops Tool to Evaluate Wind-Turbine/Radar Impacts

The DOE and Sandia are working toward a better integration of new wind turbines with their local environment. One barrier to wind-energy installations has been the im­pact wind turbines may have on the Nation­al Air Space (NAS) radar system, which has led to a blanket rejection of several wind-farm developments. To improve the siting and […]

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations Provide Insight for Rotor Design

One of the primary roles of Sandia’s Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) facility will be to conduct detailed experiments on turbine wakes and investigate how those wakes interact with nearby turbines. Although the SWiFT turbines are somewhat smaller than MW-scale turbines being deployed today, Sandia would like the SWiFT turbines, and their wakes, to behave […]

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