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Energy Projects to Develop Technologies for Reliable and Cost-Effective Marine Energy

Sandia will team on two of six recently announced projects to develop technologies for generating reliable and cost-effective electricity from U.S. water resources. One project will investigate the design of high-deflection turbine blades and the other aims to improve and optimize Oscilla Power, Inc.’s linear hybrid drivetrain technology. Both address technology development challenges for marine [...]

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Upcoming Webinar: WEC Design Response Toolbox (WDRT)

Researchers from Sandia and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will present an instructional webinar on the WEC Design Response Toolbox (WDRT) on June 14 from 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. MST. During the webinar, these researchers will provide an overview of the toolbox, work through examples, and respond to questions. Save the date by adding the [...]

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Technology Development

Sandia's Water Power Technologies program develops innovative technological solutions for  marine hydrokinetic (MHK) devices. Before MHK technologies can successfully compete in the energy market, developers must increase device power performance and reliability, thereby reducing the levelized cost of energy.  Through applied research and modeling efforts, we provide industry with tools to create better [...]

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Navy/Marine Engineering Command Visits Sandia

Our nation relies upon a network of radars across the country to support the missions of homeland defense/ security, flight safety, and weather forecasting. The air-surveillance environment contains within it clutter, both stationary and moving. Wind turbines present a unique problem in that they can be both stationary and moving clutter and operate with [...]

SNL-SWAN (Sandia National Laboratories – Simulating WAves Nearshore)

SNL-SWAN Available on GitHub SNL-SWAN (Sandia National Laboratories – Simulating WAves Nearshore) is an open source wave energy converter (WEC) array simulation tool. The code is a modification of the open source code, SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore) developed by TU Delft. The SNL-SWAN code includes the addition of a WEC Module which improves how [...]

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WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter SIMulator)

WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter SIMulator) is an open-source wave energy converter (WEC) simulation tool. The code is developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK using the multi-body dynamics solver Simscape Multibody. WEC-Sim has the ability to model devices that are comprised of rigid bodies, power-take-off systems, and mooring systems. Simulations are performed in the time-domain by solving the [...]

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Reference Model Project (RMP)

The Reference Model Project (RMP), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), was a partnered effort to develop open-source marine hydrokinetic (MHK) point designs as reference models (RMs) to benchmark MHK technology performance and costs, and an open-source methodology for design and analysis of MHK technologies, including models for estimating their capital costs, [...]

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Bernadette Hernandez-Sanchez

Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez is the project lead for the Advanced Materials Program and DOE's Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Database (MHTDB). The Advanced Materials Program focuses on understanding the properties and performance of materials and coatings being investigated for potential marine hydrokinetic (MHK) and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technologies as well as developing novel anti-biofouling [...]

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Sandia Adds Water Power to Clean Energy Research Portfolio

[singlepic id=637 w=320 h=240 float=right]ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Sandia National Laboratories will receive more than $9 million over three years from a Department of Energy competitive laboratory solicitation for the development of advanced water power technologies. Sandia, through a partnership with several national laboratories and academic institutions, will lead two of the four topic areas awarded [...]

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