PV News

  • Solar prize winners highlight successful DOE voucher program
    DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office recently announced round three winners of its American-Made Solar Prize, both Sandia partners through the competition’s voucher program.  “This is great news from a Sandia perspective,” said Laurie Burnham, Labs photovoltaics researcher. “We supported one of the two grand prize winners in rounds one and two and took the podium… View Article
  • Materials developed at Sandia help extinguish solar panel fires before they ignite
    As solar panels become popular and their voltages increase, there is a need to have built-in capabilities to extinguish fires caused by arc-faults, which are high-power discharges of electricity that can create explosions or flash events due to damaged wires. Sandia National Laboratories researcher Kenny Armijo has spent 10 years working alongside other researchers at… View Article
  • Sandia secures six regional technology transfer awards
    For responding with innovative solutions during the pandemic, developing solar cell and hydrogen research technology, and creatively working with companies, Sandia National Laboratories won six prestigious regional 2020 Federal Laboratory Consortium awards. The awards for the Mid-Continent and Far West regions put a spotlight on Sandia successes in transferring technology, partnerships and licensing. In addition,… View Article
  • PSEL wraps up testing on non-reflective solar panels for arrays in glare-sensitive locations
    Sandia National Laboratories’ Photovoltaic Systems Evaluation Laboratory (PSEL) is in the final phase of a collaborative research project with Nishati, a veteran-run manufacturer of light-weight, portable photovoltaic panels. In 2016, Nishati sought Sandia assistance through the U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Vouchers (SBV) program to scale up its portable PV system into utility-grade equipment…. View Article
  • New research finds power in techno-economic comparison of bifacial and tracking PV systems combinations
    Two photovoltaic cell sides are better than one, especially when trailing the sun, according to a recent Joule journal article published by an international group of scientists, including Sandian Joshua S. Stein. The researchers’ techno-economic comparison of combinations of bifacial and tracking PV systems found that double-sided (bifacial) solar panels — and single-axis tracking technology… View Article