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  • Sandia-developed solar cell technology reaches space
    Somewhere among the glitter of the night sky is a small satellite powered by innovative, next-generation solar cell technology developed at Sandia National Laboratories. mPower Technology’s DragonSCALES, consist of small, highly interconnected photovoltaic cells formerly known as solar glitter at Sandia. They are orbiting Earth for the first time on a Lynk Global Inc. satellite… View Article
  • Sandia scientists provide technical assistance to Rocking Solar, an American-Made Solar Prize Finalist with a product that could transform the urban landscape
    Sandia National Laboratories’ researchers recently hosted Darin Palmer, CEO of Rocking Solar, for a demonstration of his potentially game-changing approach to populating commercial rooftops with solar. The two-day visit in late July offered Sandia Photovoltaic Systems Evaluation Laboratory (PSEL) scientists and Sandia Experimental Solid Mechanics engineers an up-close look at the new system. “Sandia continues… View Article
  • Sandia uncovers hidden factors that affect solar farms during severe weather
    Machine learning found farm age, cloud cover impact performance during a storm Sandia National Laboratories researchers combined large sets of real-world solar data and advanced machine learning to study the impacts of severe weather on U.S. solar farms, and sort out what factors affect energy generation. Their results were published earlier this month in the… View Article
  • Sandia’s energy work is making a difference in underserved communities
    Sandia’s world-class research in renewable energy, grid modernization, energy storage, and energy resilience is a key part of our commitment to exceptional service in the national interest. Our research is grounded in our community-based work. Sandia works with American Indian tribes; Alaska Native villages; and communities in Alaska, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico to increase… View Article
  • Sandra Begay recognized for her work and advocacy
    For many achievements in research, mentorship and community impact, the New Mexico Technology Council celebrated researcher Sandra Begay with a Women in Technology Award. “I’m very honored to receive the Women in Technology award in my home state, and I appreciate the acknowledgement of my Sandia tribal energy work,” Sandra said. According to the New Mexico… View Article