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Sandia’s Combustion Research Facility announces 2018 Awards

By Michael Padilla The Combustion Research Facility recognized six researchers with three of its highest honors at the 2018 CRF Award Ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Hope Michelsen and Paul Schrader received the O.W. Adams Award. Rainer Dahms, Lyle Pickett, and Scott Skeen were the recipients of the E. K. Bastress Award. Brian Patterson received [...]

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Jacqueline Chen elected fellow of the American Physical Society

by Michael Padilla Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jacqueline Chen has been elected as a fellow of the American Physical Society. This honor is afforded each year to no more than 0.5 percent of the members of the society. Chen was honored “for fundamental insights into turbulence-chemistry interactions revealed through massively parallel direct numerical simulations.” “Being [...]

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Sandia researchers crack the code to soot formation

By Michael Padilla The longstanding mystery of soot formation, which combustion scientists have been trying to explain for decades, appears to be finally solved, thanks to research led by Sandia National Laboratories. Soot is ubiquitous and has large detrimental effects on human health, agriculture, energy-consumption efficiency, climate and air quality. Responsible for significantly increased rates [...]

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John Dec Applauded on International Stage

John Dec, senior scientist at Sandia's Combustion Research Facility,  has been selected as one of the 2018 SAE Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award recipients. This honor is given to speakers at SAE meetings who have received the Oral Presentation Award more than twice. The award was presented in conjunction with the Annual SAE Business meeting [...]

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Toyota officials visit Sandia

Toyota officials visit Sandia Senior Toyota officials visited Sandia/California Jan. 13 to explore collaborative opportunities in engine, hydrogen, and automobile battery technology. The day’s agenda began with an overview of Sandia’s transportation research, including work on improving fuel economy and alternative automobile power sources. Tours of the engine and hydrogen labs rounded out the visit. [...]

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Hyundai executives visit Sandia

Hyundai executives visit Sandia Hyundai executives came to Sandia/California on Jan. 13 to learn more about the Laboratories’ research on ways to increase engine efficiency. In addition to Hyundai Senior VP Wootae Kim (pictured above), company Director Heung Chul Kim, Senior Manager Chulho Yu, and Senior Research Engineer Hwang Bok Lee were in attendance. The [...]

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CRF Experiment Confirms Accepted Oxidation Scheme of Proposed Diesel Alternative: Dimethyl Ether

Combustion Research Facility (CRF) researchers Kai Moshammer, Ahren Jasper, Arnas Lucassen, Arkke Eskola, Craig Taatjes, and Nils Hansen (all in Sandia’s Combustion Chemistry Dept.) as part of an international collaboration reported, in Journal of Physical Chemistry A, detecting and identifying previously undiscovered partially oxidized intermediates. This work provides experimental confirmation of the generally accepted dimethyl [...]

Cummins Executives Visit Combustion Research Facility

CRF researcher Jeff Koplow, right, explains the Sandia Cooler to Cummins President and CEO Tom Linebarger, on left, and Vice President and CTO John Wall, middle. The pair learned about many Sandia innovations on their visit to the CRF. (Photo by Dino Vournas) Tom Linebarger, Cummins Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, and John [...]

Sandia Optical Diagnostics Researcher Wins DOE Early Career Award

Sandia Combustion Research Facility (CRF) scientist Christopher Kliewer (in Sandia’s Combustion Chemistry Dept.) won a DOE Office of Science (SC) Early Career Research Program award to develop new optical diagnostics to study interfacial combustion interactions that are major sources of pollution and vehicle inefficiency. The funding opportunity for researchers in universities and DOE national laboratories, [...]

Linde, Sandia Partnership Looks to Expand Hydrogen Fueling Network

Sandia and industrial gas giant Linde LLC have signed an umbrella cooperative R&D agreement (CRADA) that is expected to accelerate the development of low-carbon energy and industrial technologies, beginning with hydrogen and fuel cells. On December 10, 2014, Linde opened the first-ever, fully certified commercial hydrogen fueling station near Sacramento with support from the California [...]

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