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Andrea Ambrosini

Andrea Ambrosini

R&D S&E, Chemistry

Phone: (505) 284-1340


Dr. Ambrosini’s current research involves the research and development of materials for renewable energy applications. She has led projects in the topics of solar selective absorptive coatings and thermochemical energy storage for concentrating solar power, as well as solar thermochemical CO2 and H2O splitting for renewable hydrogen and fuel production. Additional research interests include solid oxide electrolyzers, high temperature ceramic membranes, and transparent conducting oxide materials.  She has over 30 peer reviewed publications, 1 published patent and 6 patents pending.

Dr. Ambrosini received her BS in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA) and her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). Prior to joining Sandia National Laboratories, she was a post-doctoral fellow for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) at Laboratoire CRISMAT in Caen, France.


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, May 1996
Doctor of Philosophy, Inorganic Chemistry, Northwestern University, December 2000

Research Interests & Responsibilities:

Materials for CSP
Solar-thermal chemistry
Thermochemical energy storage
Solar receiver coatings

Key Publications

  • Ambrosini, A., A. Boubault, C. K. Ho, L. Banh, J. R. Lewis, “Influence of Application Parameters on Stability of Pyromark® 2500 Receiver Coatings,” Energy Proced. 2019. Submitted.
  • Miller, J. E., S. M. Babiniec, A. Ambrosini, “Renewable hydrogen production via thermochemical/electrochemical coupling,” Sol. Energ.-T ASME 2019. Submitted.
    • Schieber, G. L., E. B. Stechel, A. Ambrosini, J. E. Miller, P. G. Loutzenhiser, “H2O splitting via a two-step solar thermoelectrolytic cycle based on non-stoichiometric ceria redox reactions: Thermodynamic analysis,” J. Hydrogen Energ. 42, no. 30 (2017): 18785-18793.
    • Boubault, A., C. K. Ho, A. Hall, T. N. Lambert, A. Ambrosini, “Durability of solar absorber coatings and their cost-effectiveness,” Energ. Mat. Sol. C 166, (2017): 176-184.
  • Babiniec, S. M., A. Ambrosini, J. E. Miller, “Thermodynamic assessment of an electrically-enhanced thermochemical hydrogen production (EETHP) concept for renewable hydrogen generation,” Int. J.  Hydrog. Energy.  42, no. 21 (2017): 14380-14389.
  • Boubault, A., C. K. Ho, A. Hall, T. N. Lambert, A. Ambrosini, “Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) metric to characterize solar absorber coatings for the CSP industry,” Renewable Energy 85, (2016): 472-483.
  • Babiniec, S. M., E. N. Coker, J. E. Miller, and A. Ambrosini,  “Doped calcium manganites for advanced high-temperature thermochemical energy storage,” J. Energy Research 40, no. 2 (2016): 280-284.
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