Geoff Klise


Geoff Klise

Department Manager


Geoff Klise currently leads the Sandia Wind Energy Computational Data Sciences Department, which focuses on research and development (R&D) to better understand wind turbine and wind farm flow regimes, including turbine to turbine wake interference, model validation, and uncertainty quantification for multi-fidelity simulations. The department also carries out novel floating wind turbine design optimization for both vertical and horizontal axis wind turbines. Geoff managed the Sandia Wind Energy Technologies Department from March 2018 until the department split in two in May 2022.

Geoff also oversees Sandia’s Wind Energy Program, which leverages unique research and development capabilities in support of multi-disciplinary efforts across many different departments at Sandia, including transmission and distribution grid integration of wind, and research and development aimed at improved event detection and cyber hardening of wind energy assets.

Geoff came to Sandia in 2006 as a contractor and was hired as a technical staff member in 2010. Prior to his current role, he was a Principal Member of the Technical Staff developing software and tools in support of photovoltaic systems. This included stochastic modeling to determine photovoltaic component faults and failures and supporting the broader real estate industry through the development of methods, software, and how-to training to develop a market value for residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. His past research efforts include development of systems models for evaluating the techno-economic feasibility of geologic carbon sequestration, algal biofuel development, and water use impacts of utility scale solar power development. Prior to moving to New Mexico, Geoff worked as a geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington State, conducting technical resource assessments for both private industry and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

He has a master’s degree in water resources from the University of New Mexico and a bachelor’s degree in environmental and engineering geology from Western Washington University. He is registered in Washington state as a Licensed Professional Geologist and a Hydrogeologist.