Kelley Ruehl


Kelley Ruehl

Wave Energy & Hydrodynamics


Kelley Ruehl joined Sandia National Laboratories in 2011 as a researcher after completing her M.S. from Oregon State University. Kelley’s research is focused on numerical modeling, experimental testing, and software development for marine renewable energy applications. Kelley is the Principal Investigator and lead developer of wave energy converter simulator (WEC-Sim), an R&D 100 Award winning open-source simulation software. She has led development of WEC-Sim since its initial release in 2014 and continues to work on its development and application. Since WEC-Sim’s establishment as a TEAMER facility in 2020, Kelley has worked with technology developers to simulate the performance of innovative wave energy concepts. She has also served as a data analyst for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wave Energy Prize, where she supported the 1/20th testing for two of the finalists. She led the design, fabrication, and testing of the 1/33rd scale Floating Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter (FOSWEC), an open-access design and dataset, and the development of PRIMRE, the data repository for all DOE Water Power Technologies Office funded research. Kelley also serves as a subject matter expert supporting development of IEC TC114 standards, and DARPA’s Manta Ray program.

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