Budi Gunawan


Budi Gunawan

Hydrodynamic Engineer


Budi Gunawan is a senior research engineer in the Water Power Technologies Program. He works on tidal and wave energy, focusing on experimental and computational hydrodynamics, device performance testing, and sensor and instrumentation. Prior to joining Sandia in 2013, Budi worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Water Power Technologies group. Budi received a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. He also earned a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK, where he worked on river flow measurement using acoustic Doppler current profiler, Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, large-scale particle image velocimetry, and hydrodynamic modeling. He is an active member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Groups tasked with writing the technical specification for tidal and river energy resource assessment. He is also a reviewer for ten international journals in renewable energy, flow measurement, and water resources.

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