Nathan Schroeder



Nathan Schroeder

Mechanical Engineer


Nathan Schroeder is a mechanical engineering graduate student at the University of New Mexico conducting research with a focus on energy and thermal sciences. Transitioning from DC Microgrid research, Nathan joined the team at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility to assist in Concentrating Solar Power Technologies research. Nathan started in October of 2019 as a research and development (R&D) graduate intern and was tasked with assisting in the improvement of falling particle receiver performance through the design, analysis, and testing of multistage release systems. His research has expanded to include solar simulator sample testing, on sun test operation, and particle dust characterization and mitigation.

Nathan currently holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and plans to graduate with a master’s in mechanical engineering in the winter of 2020-2021.


  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2014
  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, Expected 2021

Research Interests

  • Energy storage and generation particularly in CSP systems
  • Design, analysis, and testing of high temperature components and system efficiency

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