Jeremy Sment


Jeremy Sment

R&D, Mechanical Engineering


Jeremy Sment has worked at Sandia National Laboratories since 2011 and rejoined the Concentrating Solar Technologies department in 2018. In this role, he has focused on thermal energy storage in solid particles for Generation 3 CSP systems. Jeremy also specializes in project management and coordination, as well as design of experiments and test engineering. Jeremy holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During his internship at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility, he focused on heliostat response to wind and long distance flux measurements.


    Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2011
    Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2013

Research Interests

    Thermal Energy Storage
    Design of Experiments and Statistics
    Project Management
    Test Operations and Controls


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