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Valerio De Angelis

Chemical Engineer, System Integration Lead

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Dr. De Angelis joined Sandia in 2020 to work on battery modeling, system integration, advanced manufacturing, and long-term energy storage. He is co-founder of, the first public repository for easy visualization and comparison of lithium-ion battery degradation data across institutions. Before joining Sandia National Laboratories, Dr. De Angelis was the Executive Director of the City University of New York (CUNY) Energy Institute. At the Institute, De Angelis expanded the scope of the battery research from the lab to large-scale energy storage systems. Several initiatives have spun off from the research, notably the Grid-Modernization Center and Urban Electric Power, of which Dr. De Angels was co-founder, interim CEO, and VP of Product. Regarding his previous career, De Angelis was the CEO and CTO of Mindflash Technologies, a leading provider of online training platforms that he founded when he was a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Barbara. Mindflash started in 1999 as a tool to put classroom lectures, quizzes, and exams online and to maintain a grade book and was used in the Spring of 2000 by over half of the students at UC Santa Barbara. Mindflash became a leading provider of online training platforms for public and private institutions. More than 2 million students took classes using the Mindflash platform. Mindflash was acquired by Applied Training Systems. Early in his career, Dr. De Angelis was a software engineering at MetaHeuristics, LLC, where he developed fast solvers for the optimization of Neural Networks and applied them to optimize steam cycles in power plants the US and Europe.

Research Interests

System integration

Data analytics

Battery modeling

Advanced manufacturing


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of California (Santa Barbara, CA)

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Universita Federico II (Naples, Italy)

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Valerio De Angelis

Key Publications

G. Yadav, J. Huang, A. Augustus, V. De Angelis, S. Banerjee, ” Rechargeable Manganese Dioxide-Zinc Batteries”, AIChE CEP Magazine (2020)

F. Tooryan, A. Ghosh, Y. Wang, S. Srivastava, E. Arvanitis, and V. De Angelis “Comprehensive Design of a Microgrid Energy Storage with Guaranteed Optimality” Submitted to IEEE Power Energy Systems (2020)

V. De Angelis, G. Yadav, J. Huang, A. Couzis, S. Banerjee, “Rechargeable Zn-MnO2 batteries for utility load management and renewable integration”, 2018 International. Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (2018)

Y. Wang, Z. Song, V. De Angelis, S. Srivastava, “Battery Life-Cycle Optimization and Control for Commercial Buildings Demand Management: A New York City Case Study,” Energy, 165, 782-791 (2018)

Key Patents

Patent Application: S. Augustine, S. Ranade, V. De Angelis, S. Atcitty “Solar-Battery Integrated DC System”, Sandia National Labs, New Mexico State University, Urban Electric Power (2020)

Patent Application: S. Srivastava, Y. Wang, E. Arvanitis, V. De Angelis, L. Felice, “Optimal Storage Sizing and Operation for Reliability and Robustness of a Microgrid” Siemens Research and Urban Electric Power (2019)

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Patent Application: V De Angelis, I Derin, S. Banerjee, S Fleming, “A System to Optimally Charge Cells Assembled into a Battery” PCT/US2018/052134 (2018)