2023Self-healing, self-assembling
islanded power systems using only local measurements
SAND2023-09936RMichael E. Ropp, Olga Lavrova, Matthew J. Reno, Elijah Silva, McKendree A. Densel,
Lara N. Kassabian, Milan Biswal, Ada Ramoko, Satish J. Ranade
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2023Features and Limitations of Cell Phone Mobility Data for Disaster Recovery ApplicationsSAND2024-15098Holly Eagleston, Indu Manickam, Emily Moog, Iyare Oseghae, Amanda Wachtel,
Shruti Khadka Mishra
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2022Measuring Social Infrastructure Service BurdenSAND2022-2029 RAmanda Wachtel, Darryl Melander (Sandia National Laboratories)
Robert Jeffers (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
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2022ReNCAT: The Resilient Node Cluster Analysis ToolSAND2022-10888 RAmanda M. Wachtel, Darryl Melander, Olga E. HartView report
2022Optimal Portfolio Design of Distributed Energy Resources on Puerto Rico Distribution Feeders with Long Outages after Hurricane MariaSAND2022-11264Robert J. Broderick, Santiago Grijalva, Jorge Hernández, Efraín O’Neill-Carrillo, Marcelo F. SandovalView report
2020Experimental Evaluation of Grid-Forming Inverters Under Unbalanced and Fault ConditionsSAND2020-5155CNicholas S. Gurule; Javier Hernandez-Alvidrez; Rachid Darbali-Zamora; Matthew J. Reno; Jack D. FlickerN/A
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2019Resilient Community Design Framework: Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting 3.SAND2019-10804PERobert Fredric Jeffers, Mercy DeMenno, Katherine A Jones, Robert Joseph BroderickN/A
2019DER Cybersecurity Research at Sandia: DOE SETO Cybersecurity Portfolio.SAND2019-7495PEShamina Hossain-McKenzieN/A
2019Designing Resilient Communities Project.SAND2019-8355PESummer Rhodes Ferreira, Abraham Ellis, Robert Fredric Jeffers
2019Opportunities for Photovoltaics and Other DER to Improve Energy Resiliency in the US Virgin IslandsSAND2019-6534CMatthew Lave
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