Nicholas Gurule


Nicholas Gurule

Member of Technical Staff

Contact Information

Nicolas Gurule / 505-850-5747


Nicholas began working with in the Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory at Sandia in 2016 as a student intern while finishing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and became a member of staff after completing his master’s degree in 2019. In his time at Sandia, he has helped evaluate the IEEE P1547.1 draft test standard, analyzed various grid-following and grid-forming devices under normal and abnormal operating conditions, and assisted in the development of numerous test platforms for inverter testing.


  • Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico – 2019
  • Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico – 2017

Key Publications

  • Gurule, Nicholas & Hernandez-Alvidrez, Javier & Darbali-Zamora, Rachid & Reno, Matthew & Flicker, Jack, Experimental Evaluation of Grid-Forming Inverters Under Unbalanced and Fault Conditions, 2020.
  • Hernandez-Alvidrez, Javier & Gurule, Nicholas & Reno, Matthew & Flicker, Jack & Summers, Adam & Ellis, Abraham, Method to Interface Grid-Forming Inverters into Power Hardware in the Loop Setups, 2020
  • Darbali-Zamora, Rachid & Johnson, Jay & Gurule, Nicholas & Reno, Matthew & Ninad, Nayeem & Apablaza, Estefan, Evaluation of Photovoltaic Inverters Under Balanced and Unbalanced Voltage Phase Angle Jump Conditions 2020