Matthew J. Reno Ph.D.


Matthew J. Reno Ph.D.

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

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Matthew J. Reno / 505-844-3087


Matthew Reno is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Electric Power Systems Research Department at Sandia National Laboratories. His research focuses on distribution system modelling and analysis with high penetration PV, including advanced software tools for automated analysis of hosting capacity, PV interconnection studies, and rapid Quasi-Static Time Series simulations. Matthew is also involved with the IEEE Power System Relaying Committee for developing guides and standards for protection of microgrids and systems with high penetrations of inverter-based resources. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical Physics, Taylor University

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Matthew J. Reno

Key Publications

  • Z. K. Pecenak, H. V. Haghi, C. Li, M. J. Reno, V. R. Disfani, J. Kleiss “Aggregation of Voltage-Controlled Devices During Distribution Network Reduction”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2020.
  • L. Blakely and M. J. Reno, “Phase Identification Using Affinity Matrix Ensemble Clustering,” IET Smart Grid, 2020.
  • S. Augustine, M. J. Reno, S. M. Brahma, and O. Lavrova, “Fault Detection and Current Control for a Standalone DC Microgrid Using Current Derivative and Adaptive Droop,” Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 2020.
  • T. Khalili, A. Bidram, and M. J. Reno, “Impact Study of Dynamic Clustering and Demand Response Program on the Resilience of Distribution Systems,” IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2020.
  • K. Mason, M. J. Reno, L. Blakely, S. Vejdan, and S. Grijalva, “A Deep Learning Approach for Residential PV Size, Tilt and Azimuth Estimation,” Solar Energy, 2020.