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Adam Summers

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Adam K. Summers is a Member of the Technical Staff in the Electric Power Systems Research Department at Sandia National Laboratories. He holds a Master’s in electrical engineering from The University of New Mexico focused on electric power systems. He is a Member of IEEE and Sigma XI. His research interests and expertise include power system modeling, machine learning, real-time simulations, power system resilience, power system protection, and renewable energy integration.


  • Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico
  • Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico
  • Bachelors of Arts, Economics, University of New Mexico

U.S. Patents

  • “Maximum Power Point Tracking Through Load Management,” patent application in progress.

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Adam Summers

Recent Publications

  • Summers, A.; Johnson, J.; Darbali-Zamora, R.; Hansen, C.; Anandan, J.; Showalter, C. A Comparison of DER Voltage Regulation Technologies Using Real-Time Simulations. Energies 2020,13, 3562.
  • Darbali-Zamora, R.; Johnson, J.; Summers, A.; Jones, C.B.; Hansen, C.; Showalter, C. State Estimation-Based Distributed Energy Resource Optimization for Distribution Voltage Regula- tion in Telemetry-Sparse Environments Using a Real-Time Digital Twin. Energies 2021, 14, 774.
  • A. K. Summers, T. Patel, R. C. Matthews and M. J. Reno “Prediction of Relay Settings in an Adaptive Protection System,” 2022 IEEE Photovoltaic Innovation Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT).