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Stationary Power

Our work in stationary power includes the deployment of clean electricity, which requires integration with a modernized grid infrastructure, and enhancements in energy efficiency as a direct influence on energy productivity and economic competitiveness.

Energy Conversion Efficiency

High-efficiency conversion of low and  zero-carbon energy sources to electricity

Safety, Security, & Resilience of the Energy Infrastructure

Safety, security, and resilience of energy infrastructure and assets

Nuclear Energy

A dynamic, multifaceted approach to systems-based research and development of nuclear energy and fuel cycle technologies

Energy Conversion Efficiency

Increasing the amount of electricity produced from a given thermal energy input.
This is a major objective for multiple RE sources (e.g., geothermal, photovoltaics [PV], concentrating solar power [CSP], wind). Major advances in energy conversion efficiency also have the potential for significant impact in traditional thermal energy source (e.g., nuclear, natural gas, coal) conversion to electricity.

Safety, Security, & Resilience of the Energy Infrastructure

Enabling a Resilient and Secure Electric Grid

Sandia envisions a world of interdependent and variable distributed systems that are optimized at multiple scales – including transmission – to maximize local resources in providing secure, resilient, and clean energy to all users at all times.

Nuclear Energy

Enabling Energy Security through the Nuclear Enterprise

Sandia supports the safe, secure, reliable, and sustainable use of nuclear power worldwide through strengths in repository science, nonproliferation, safety and security, transportation, modeling, and system demonstrations

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CFD Code Increases Accuracy of Turbine Wake Simulation

Computer modeling of interactions between wind turbine, wind turbulence, and wake behind the turbine hold potential for future wind plant simulations Wind turbine velocities modeled with Nalu-Wind. Photo credit: Matt Barone, Stefan Domino, and Chris [...]

Sandia researcher to present at 2019 AWEA WINDPOWER Conference

Do you plan on attending the 2019 AWEA WINDPOWER Conference May 20-23, in Houston, Texas? Then don’t miss Sandia National Laboratories researcher Josh Paquette when he presents, “The DOE Big Adaptive Rotor Project,” during The [...]

2019 PV Systems Symposium begins May 14th

The 2019 PV Systems Symposium will take place Tuesday, May 14, 2019 through Thursday, May 16, 2019, at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town in Albuquerque, NM. The three-day workshop will explore the technical challenges [...]

  • Amy Halloran shows off one of Sandia’s solar research projects. Amy’s mentoring activities were recognized by the New Mexico Technology Council.

Sandia leader recognized for STEM mentoring

By Luke Frank Amy Halloran, senior manager in renewable energy, was recently honored with the annual Women in Technology award by the New Mexico Technology Council. The council gives the award annually to outstanding women [...]

It’s official: pvlib-python designated a NumFOCUS affiliated project

pvlib-python is officially a NumFOCUS affiliated project. The non-profit organization NumFOCUS promotes sustainable, high-quality, open source code for reproducible scientific research. NumFOCUS recently bestowed the mark of quality on pvlib-python, placing the software in heady [...]