2023 Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to identify research directions and priorities for the next generation of power electronics and energy conversion systems for the electric grid, transportation, and national security.

Date: Wednesday, August 2nd and Thursday, August 3rd

Location: State Bar of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hosted by: Sandia National Laboratories

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Archived 2023 Presentations

Wednesday, August 2

  • Welcome: Amy Halloran
  • Welcome: Charles Hanley
  • Welcome: Craig Lawton
  • Energy Conversion – What We Need…Yesterday: Robert (Bob) W Cummings
  • DOE Transformer Resilience and Advanced Components Program Overview: Andre Pereira
  • DOE Energy Storage Program Power Electronics Overview: Dr. Imre Gyuk & Dr. Stan Atcitty
  • ARPA-E Perspective on Power Electronics for the Future Grid: Olga Spahn
  • Recent Funding Efforts in Power Electronics Hardware and Control by the Solar Energy Technologies Office: John Seuss
  • Cost Challenges of Electrifying Everything: Richard Fioravanti
  • Transportation Electrification in Dense Urban Regions: Challenges and Opportunities: Ahmed Mohamed
  • Learning to Operate Distribution Grids with Extreme Penetration of Renewables: Di Shi
  • Building the New Grid Is a Marathon Not a Sprint: Jonathan Sykes
  • Power Electronics for Electrify Everything: Dr. Leo Casey
  • Type I Solid State Transformer with Bidirectional Switches: Jack Flicker
  • Development of High Power Medium-Frequency Transformers for Solid State Transformer: Zhicheng Guo
  • Medium Voltage Solid State Transformer for Grid Applications; Opportunities and Challenges: Bogdan Borowy, Ph.D.
  • Empowering the Grid: Unleashing the Potential of Self-Healing Solid-State Transformers: Mehdi Abolhassani
  • Transition towards future DC grids: Challenges and Possibilities: Ghanshyamsinh Gohil
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Topologies and Controls: Ramanathan Thiagarajan
  • A Cascaded Power Electronics Architecture for Transformerless Medium-Voltage PV Systems: Brian Johnson
  • Integrated Liquid Metal Based Cooling — An Ultimate Cooling Strategy for Electronics: Jin Wang
  • Solid State Transformer and DC Grids: From Concept to Pilot Demonstration in a Decade Enabled by HV SiC 10-15kV IGBTs and MOSFETs: Subhashish Bhattacharya
  • Evaluating Medium Voltage, Multilevel Topologies in Electric Grid Applications: Realization and High Voltage Academic Facilities for Testing: Brandon Grainger, Ph.D.
  • Power Electronics at PNNL: Dr. Xiaoyuan Fan

Thursday, August 3

  • Advances in Wide and Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials for High Voltage, High Power Electronics: John F. Muth
  • Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and Interfaces for High Power Electronics: Robert J. Nemanich
  • Recent Advancements in (Al)GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Power Electronics at Sandia: Brianna Klein
  • Reliability Test and In-Situ Failure Analysis of Wide Bandgap Power Electronics: Moinuddin Ahmed
  • An Overview of Multi-Scale Device Level Control in Power Electronics Using Electrical and Photonic Device Technologies: Sudip K. Mazumder
  • Observation of Lock on in Gallium Nitride Photoswitches: Jane Lehr
  • Dielectric Materials and Capacitor Reliability for Power Electronic and Pulsed Power Applications: Michael Lanagan
  • Recent Advances in Soft Magnetics for Emerging Applications in Electric Power Conversion Technologies: Paul Richard Ohodnicki, Jr.
  • Design of High Silicon Steel for Motors and Electronics: Gaoyuan Ouyang
  • Designing Soft Magnetic Materials: Dale Huber
  • Inductor Core Design for Power Electronic Ultrahigh Frequency Applications: Vincent G. Harris
  • Medium Voltage PCB-based Bus Design and Insulation Coordination for Power Electronics Building Blocks: Joshua Stewart
  • Packaging and Integration Design for High-Voltage WBG Modules: Fang Luo
  • 2.5D HI Packaging of Lower Voltage Power Converter Using TSV Interposer: Helen Chung
  • Liquid Immersion for Next Generation Utility Scale Power Electronics: Giri Venkataremanan
  • Reliability Characterization and In-Situ Health Estimation of WBG Semiconductor-Based Power Converters: Dr. Harish Krishnamoorthy
  • Opportunities in the Renewable and Distributed Power Environment: Rohan Raghunathan
  • Venture Capital in Industrial Technology: Henk Both
  • Addressing Compliance Hurdles to Gain Market Access: Scott Daniels
  • Energy Storage Solutions for the Next 30 Years of Rapid Deployments: C. Michael Hoff
  • Critical Role of Power Electronics in Short and Long Duration Energy Storage: Himamshu Prasad

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